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Leslie's daughter needed an extraction, and she felt comfortable placing her child in the care of Dr. Clark.


Leslie's Story

"I came to see Dr. Clark because my daughter, Hayden, needed to have a tooth extracted. She had what I refer to as shark teeth; she had two of her permanent teeth growing in behind her two front teeth, and the two front teeth were not falling out. I was not nervous at all about bringing Hayden in to see Dr. Clark; he’s a fantastic oral surgeon. Her procedure went very smoothly; they put her at ease very quickly and made sure that she felt comfortable and understood what the procedure was going to entail, and how quickly they were able to pull the teeth out actually made her very comfortable. Her teeth were removed; she felt no pain, and she was smiling when she got out of the chair. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Clark and his staff; it’s a very friendly group, and they make you feel welcome."

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