Sophisticated Diagnostic Imaging for Oral Surgery

At Southern Oral & Facial Surgery, we offer patients the most accurate diagnosis of their oral and maxillofacial issues by utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Both of our offices in Franklin and Thompson’s Station are equipped with cone beam 3D CT scan technology. Our entire team strives to deliver the most accurate diagnosis of your oral and maxillofacial issue, and the 3D CT scan is a tool that helps us accomplish this goal.

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanning works by combining a series of several X-rays to form a cone and provide a high-quality, 3D image. 3D images are important in allowing us to properly detect oral health issues and monitor patients progress throughout treatment. Our oral surgeons also use these detailed images to aid in the precision and planning of surgeries, including wisdom teeth removal and dental implant placement.

3D CBCT Imaging

Benefits of Using 3D Scanning

3D scanning provides additional information that cannot be obtained through conventional methods, such as X-rays. This technology offers many benefits to both doctors and patients.

  • Better visuals to eliminate surprises during treatment, leading to more predictable clinical outcomes
  • Prevent unnecessary procedures by increasing precision
  • Assist in surgical planning, specifically for dental implant placement
  • Shorter operating time and fewer complications
  • One scan takes only seconds to complete
  • 3D CBCT scans expose patients to less radiation than traditional X-rays

Trust Our Board-Certified Surgeons to Deliver Outstanding Results

At Southern Oral & Facial Surgery, we utilize 3D scans to offer every patient excellent treatment and recovery. If you have not already had a 3D CT scan, you may receive one during your consultation. We are always striving to offer patients the most effective treatment for their condition through the most comfortable experience possible. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your appointment, please contact our Franklin, TN, and Thompson’s Station, TN, offices.