Meet Madison

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Madison was nervous to have her wisdom teeth removed, but Dr. Young made her comfortable by talking her through it.


Madison's Story

"When I found out that I needed to come see Dr. Young, my mom told me that I was going to be getting my wisdom teeth out, and to be honest, I was not very happy about it. I get really nervous about having to go see doctors of any sort. When I came to see Dr. Young, he was very, very inviting. He came in the room with a bright smile, and I know that I asked him way too many questions. He honestly answered all of them very patiently, and we actually had a really good time talking about it, and I learned a lot. He was very informative. My nerves were very, very calmed by how he handled me as a patient, and he didn't speak down to me at all, he just informed me. I would highly recommend Southern Oral & Facial Surgery to anyone looking for a place to get their wisdom teeth removed in Franklin, Brentwood, or Spring Hill."

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