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Taylor was nervous to have her wisdom teeth removed, but the team reassured her and put her at ease.


Taylor's Story

"I came to see Dr. Clark to get my wisdom teeth extracted. I was nervous it was going to hurt or that I’d be uncomfortable or, like, the pain afterwards would be really bad. They just reassured me that it wasn’t going to hurt, and they gave you the medicine and all that. They take really good care of you. My recovery was good. I had very minimal pain; I had it maybe one or two days, and I didn’t swell at all. Dr. Clark is a family friend, and he’s very easy to get along with, and he’s really kind, and he really reassures you throughout the whole thing. The staff is the same way; they’re very reassuring, and they keep you calm and just tell you everything’s going to be okay, and they’re not going to hurt you or anything like that. I would definitely recommend Southern Oral & Facial Surgery to any of my friends in Spring Hill, Franklin, Brentwood, or Nashville."

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