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The team made Susie feel confident going into oral surgery, and she is very pleased with the results.


Susie's Story

"I had three wisdom teeth remaining in my head as an adult, and one of them had a cyst around it, and it was problematic for my dentist, and he said I needed to come immediately to an oral surgeon and have it removed. I was a bit nervous because I’m not 18 years old, and I think that I knew that the procedure would probably be a little more difficult for me. Dr. Clark was amazing throughout the procedure. He has a very nice bedside manner — I guess chairside manner, you would say — in the dental office. It did make me feel a lot more confident when I read his credentials, and I knew that he was a medical doctor as well as a dentist because I knew my procedure would be complicated, to say the least, and so I thought, this is good that he has these two credentials. I think the practice is great; Dr. Clark was amazing. Like I said, he was very helpful; any time I called, and I had questions, he was there for me along with the other staff, too, so I would highly recommend this practice."

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