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Knowing that Dr. Clark holds both dental and medical degrees made Sharalee feel extremely confident in her treatment with him.


Sharalee's Story

"I came to see Dr. Clark because I’d had a failed dental implant, and I was looking for a second opinion to attempt a second one. He established a treatment plan where we could rebuild some of the tissue by using my own tissue to do a successful (hopefully) tissue graft, and then a bone graft to get more bone density so that we could once again attempt an implant. I was nervous, but I was desperate enough to just hope that he would have a way that would work. Dr. Clark took the time to review my case, and he came back with confidence. It helped me knowing that he was also a medical doctor and had lots of experience. I have now had a successful tissue and bone graft, and in a couple weeks, we’ll be able to attempt the, hopefully, final implant. The staff here at Southern Oral & Facial Surgery — very kind, very helpful, and I’ve enjoyed when I worked with them. I think they’re great; I recommend it!"

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