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An extraction, bone graft, and dental implant alleviated Ross' discomfort and left him with healthy and complete smile.


Ross' Story

"I had a real problem with a molar in my upper mouth, and I went to see a person who might do a root canal on it, and that person said there wasn’t enough bone there for that to be done. It would just be wasting my money, and she recommended that I come see Dr. Clark and have the tooth extracted. When I first saw Dr. Clark, he said he’d have no problem doing the extraction, but because I had significant bone loss, he had to first do something, which he called a sinus lift, and then again, because of insufficient bone, Dr. Clark said I had to have some bone grafting done, which would take a little extra time. So, he did all that, and then when I had sufficient bone, he did the implant, and I now have a nice tooth in there, painlessly. Yes, I would very much recommend Dr. Clark."

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