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Video Review

Dr. Clark walked Kaitlin through every step of her wisdom teeth removal, which made her feel very comfortable.


Kaitlin's Story

"I came to see Dr. Clark because I needed my wisdom teeth out. The staff talked to me to ease my nerves. Everyone was super nice; everyone was super calming. Dr. Clark also did the same thing; he talked me through the whole procedure and what would happen, and yeah, everyone made me feel really welcome and calm. The procedure went really well; there was no problems at all. My recovery was awesome. All my other friends, they did not go to Dr. Clark, and they had lots of problems with their recovery, but mine was super easy to go through, and I have a feeling that has to do something with the doctor and the procedure. Knowing that he was a medical doctor really helped — me knowing, giving me a peace of mind that everything was going to be okay. I would definitely recommend Dr. Clark and his staff to anyone that needs their wisdom teeth taken out or any other type of oral procedure."

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