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Getting to know Dr. Clark made Ron feel confident in his choice to come here for his dental implants.


Ron's Story

"Well, I was in need of some dental implants, and quite frankly, I had gone to one of his competitors for my first implant and did not really like the procedure the way that it was performed, and I had heard a lot about Dr. Clark from my dentist, and he recommended him — highly recommended him. Several years ago, I had two teeth extracted on the bottom and had bridges put in, and the bridges were just getting old — probably 15 years old — and felt the need to have those removed. So I came to Dr. Clark to have those implants put in in absence of the bridge. I’m quite impressed with the first implant that Dr. Clark performed, and it was almost night and day to the first. Whereas when you go to some doctors, they come in, they say hi, and they perform the procedure, and then they’re off to the next patient. But Dr. Clark is the type of fella where actually you can get to know him. Southern Oral & Facial Surgery has the best staff in this industry."

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