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Robert's tooth extraction was faster and more comfortable than he imagined, and he loves his dental implant.


Robert's Story

"Well, actually, I went to my regular dentist, and I had a crown come out. I thought it just had to be cemented back in, and after my dentist looked at it, he realized that my tooth was broken. So he referred me to Dr. Lewallen in the office near Brentwood, TN. Back in the 50s and 60s, dentistry basically consisted of you go to the dentist to get a tooth extracted, or you go to the dentist to get a filling. Crowns and those type things, other than partials...that was science fiction then. I woke up, I thought, after about 15 minutes, and he said, “OK, you’re ready to go.” I said, “Boy, that was quick,” and he looked at me and said, “Well, you’ve been here an hour and a half.” I said, “You’re kidding.” I said, “I have no pain. I feel the same I did as I walked in the door.” I said, “I don’t get it,” and he said, “Well, this is the new dentistry.” So, was I pleased? Oh, you just can’t believe how much I was pleased. Visit Dr. Lewallen near Brentwood, TN."

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