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Video Review

Jim was nervous about having an extraction, but felt comfortable when Dr. Young explained his treatment in great detail.


Jim's Story

"Well, I relocated to a new area in town, and I went to one of the associates of Dr. Young's, and they noticed some dental work that I needed to have done that was beyond repair, so I had to have an extraction done. Well, when I was told I needed an extraction, I felt kind of nervous about it and was concerned about the details of what was going to have to be done. Dr. Young was very helpful in explaining to me the procedures and what he would do and how he would get it accomplished, and I felt a lot more comfortable once he explained it. He's a really good guy. Dr. Young is a very patient-oriented doctor. I'd say he has excellent bedside manners or chairside manners. I would recommend Dr. Young for my family or my friends. He's definitely top-notch."

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