Meet Brian

Video Review

Dr. Lewallen replaced Brian's broken tooth with a dental implant and walked him through every step of his treatment.


Brian's Story

"I had to come see Dr. Lewallen because I broke a tooth on a french fry, and I had to get it extracted, and I went ahead and elected to get a dental implant. I think the tooth had been dead for a while, so luckily, I was not in any pain. Oh, it went great with Dr. Lewallen. He explained everything that was going to be happening, told me the detail of everything he was going to be doing. Pretty amazing to see how the implant went in and what it actually is, and he showed me everything as he was doing it, and he literally had the tooth pulled and the implant put in within 30 minutes, it seemed like, or less, and I didn’t feel a thing. It was really smooth and easy. I would definitely recommend that all my friends and family come to see Dr. Lewallen at Southern Oral & Facial Surgery."

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