Meet Barry

Video Review

Dr. Clark explained Barry's dental implant treatment in detail, which helped put Barry's mind at ease about his surgery.


Barry's Story

"Well, I broke a tooth when we lived in California, and I got a temporary crown, and then when we got to Franklin, we found Dr. Clark, and I wanted the dental implant, so we came and met him, and he did a great job. I'm very happy with the work he did. The procedure went great. I came in, and he did extract the tooth — there was not much left — and then he put a post in and let it heal, and then I came back in and had my implant put in. Dr. Clark is a very smart man. He is very good at explaining what he does, and so you have a good understanding of the process and procedures you're going through. He's very personable, very friendly. My wife and I both love him. If any of my friends or family needed dental implants in Franklin, Brentwood, or Springhill area, I would certainly recommend them to go see Dr. Clark."

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