Meet Carolyn

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Carolyn had cracked teeth that caused her discomfort. After she received dental implants, Carolyn can eat pain-free again.


Carolyn's Story

"I am one of those people who has cracked teeth, so we’re not sure whether I clench or whatever it is, but it was very painful, and I went to my regular dentist, and he immediately recommended Dr. Young and said, ”We need to do an implant on this one.” It went great, and I was very scared — I’d never had a tooth extracted. I expected to hear a lot of crunching and pulling, and it was just so — he was very gentle but very secure in what he was doing. The experience is — it shines through, that he’s got a lot of confidence, and he tells you what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. Never talked down to me like I was someone who wouldn’t understand the medical side of it, and I really appreciated that. I would definitely recommend that they come see Dr. Sean Young if anyone needs a dental implant."

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