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Alice needed multiple teeth extracted, and the procedure was easier than she ever imagined thanks to Dr. Lewallen's guidance.


Alice's Story

"Well, I’m not a young person anymore, and teeth do not last forever, so I needed to have some extractions in the back of my mouth, as well as to have an extraction of a root that had been broken off in a prior extraction. The first time I met Dr. Lewallen was here. I did not have any prior knowledge, experience, references, or anything for him. It was all much less dramatic than I had expected. I thought it was going to be a big deal, but with this doctor, he did this with no problems whatsoever. Well, I feel very great because it was absolutely painless, no problem. I was worried to death, of course, for nothing. I would highly recommend Dr. Lewallen. They will not be sorry they went to see him."

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