Wisdom Teeth Removal in Thompson’s Station, TN

Comfortable Third Molar Extraction

Wisdom teeth removal is a commonly performed procedure in our Thompson’s Station, TN, office. Wisdom teeth are the third and last set of molars to emerge in the mouth, typically developing between the ages of 15 and 20. When they have enough space to grow properly, they may not need to be extracted; however, this is rarely the case. Most patients’ mouths are too small to accommodate their growth, which cause them to develop improperly and causes a host of oral health problems.

Southern Oral & Facial Surgery provides patients in Thompson’s Station, TN, and nearby areas with safe, comfortable wisdom tooth extractions. Dr. Clark, Dr. Young, Dr. Lewallen, and Dr. Bailey answer all of your questions and work hard to keep you comfortable and informed throughout your time with us. To schedule an appointment at our Thompson’s Station office, contact our front desk staff today.

Symptoms of Third Molars

Without enough room to erupt, wisdom teeth cannot be cleaned or taken care of properly. It’s common for the growth of the teeth to result in more serious complications. Many people associate wisdom teeth with pain, but not everyone experiences discomfort. Even if you are not in pain, your wisdom teeth could still be causing damage to your teeth, nerves, and overall health.

Wisdom teeth have large, unpredictable roots that can damage other roots. They can grow into facial nerves, which can be extremely painful. Impacted wisdom teeth, or ones that grow sideways and cannot break through the gums, can push other teeth out of alignment. An impacted tooth is difficult to clean around, leaving you prone to infections and the formation of cysts around the tooth.

If left untreated, wisdom teeth can cause the following issues:

  • Swelling, jaw stiffness, tenderness, and pain around wisdom teeth
  • Bacterial growth, gum disease, and tooth decay
  • Misalignment and/or crowding of healthy teeth
  • Increased risk of tumor and cyst growth

Dentists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons recommend having your third molars evaluated early in our Thompson’s Station, TN, office. Early evaluation is key because the teeth are in the early stage of development, making for easier extraction. Undergoing early removal means a lower risk of complications during the procedure and typically results in a faster recovery.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery

Before the extraction procedure, you must attend a consultation at our office. This appointment gives your oral surgeon a chance to review your health history, take 3D scans, and perform a thorough oral examination. It’s also an opportunity for you to get all your questions answered and learn about your options for anesthesia. Most patients undergo IV sedation for this procedure.

Your oral surgeon will administer the anesthesia and safely extract the wisdom teeth. For impacted teeth, your surgeon may make small incisions in the gum tissue to access the tooth prior to removing it. Dissolvable sutures will be placed and you will rest until the anesthesia wears off. Remember that if you are undergoing IV sedation, you must have a responsible adult present during surgery to drive you home afterward and remain with you for 24 hours.

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal in Thompson’s Station, TN

The cost of your oral surgery procedure depends on how many wisdom teeth you have, your choice of anesthesia, and your dental insurance. We will discuss all of these items with you during the consultation and provide you with a cost estimate for your treatment.

To make oral surgery accessible to more people, our practice accepts a wide variety of payment methods. We have financing available to help make your wisdom teeth removal more affordable. Contact our office to learn more.

Types of Anesthesia

There are several anesthesia options available so patients can feel comfortable and at ease during treatment.

Hear From Wisdom Tooth Removal Patients

These patients can tell you about the firsthand experience undergoing wisdom tooth removal at our office.

Reviews From Our Wisdom Tooth Removal Patients

Kaitlin Reviews Her Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"I came to see Dr. Clark because I needed my wisdom teeth out. The staff talked to me to ease my nerves. Everyone was super nice; everyone was super calming. Dr. Clark also did the same thing; he talked me through the whole procedure and what would happen, and yeah, everyone made me feel really welcome and calm. The procedure went really well; there was no problems at all. My recovery was awesome. All my other friends, they did not go to Dr. Clark, and they had lots of problems with their recovery, but mine was super easy to go through, and I have a feeling that has to do something with the doctor and the procedure. Knowing that he was a medical doctor really helped — me knowing, giving me a peace of mind that everything was going to be okay. I would definitely recommend Dr. Clark and his staff to anyone that needs their wisdom teeth taken out or any other type of oral procedure."

Will Reviews His Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"It was just kind of time to get my wisdom teeth out. I wasn't really nervous; I was pretty comfortable with Dr. Clark. My procedure went really well, and the recovery was really easy. Dr. Clark was super kind, made me feel really comfortable, and it was just an overall great experience. It was a little intimidating before I came in because I didn't really know what was going to happen, but it's super reassuring afterwards. It was a really great experience here at Southern Oral & Facial Surgery, and it was super easy and really made me feel like getting my wisdom teeth out wasn't a big deal. If any of my friends or family in Columbia, Murfreesboro, or Nashville needed their wisdom teeth out, then I would highly recommend Southern Oral & Facial Surgery."

Susie Reviews Her Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"I had three wisdom teeth remaining in my head as an adult, and one of them had a cyst around it, and it was problematic for my dentist, and he said I needed to come immediately to an oral surgeon and have it removed. I was a bit nervous because I’m not 18 years old, and I think that I knew that the procedure would probably be a little more difficult for me. Dr. Clark was amazing throughout the procedure. He has a very nice bedside manner — I guess chairside manner, you would say — in the dental office. It did make me feel a lot more confident when I read his credentials, and I knew that he was a medical doctor as well as a dentist because I knew my procedure would be complicated, to say the least, and so I thought, this is good that he has these two credentials. I think the practice is great; Dr. Clark was amazing. Like I said, he was very helpful; any time I called, and I had questions, he was there for me along with the other staff, too, so I would highly recommend this practice."

Alisha Reviews Her Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"Everybody here made me feel relaxed, and us feel very welcome. The staff were very encouraging and made us feel right at home. The doctor here was incredibly personable and made us feel very calm and relaxed about our experience. As a mom, the doctor made me feel like my children were in great hands. The procedure was successful, and the recovery went really smooth. On top of that, they actually called and checked in on us, which made me feel very comfortable knowing that they cared so much. To my friends in Thompson's Station and Nashville, I would highly recommend Southern Oral & Facial Surgery for your wisdom teeth removal."

Elizabeth Reviews Her Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"I came to see Dr. Lewallen to get my wisdom teeth extracted. It wasn't anything like I thought it was going to be like. It was very easygoing. There was no pain like I thought it would be. The swelling is what scared me the most, and I didn't have any of that. Dr. Lewallen called me after the procedure. I had never actually had a physician call me after any procedure I've had in the past, so that was very nice that he cared enough to contact me afterward to see how I was doing. If any of my friends in Thompson's Station need to have their wisdom teeth removed, I would recommend Dr. Lewallen."

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your dentist remove wisdom teeth?

Oral surgeons receive 4–6 additional years of training after dental school. They are qualified to administer all forms of anesthesia, whereas general dentists can only administer local anesthesia. Oral surgeons specialize in tooth extractions, dental implants, and more complex procedures such as jaw surgery and facial trauma. Your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon when it’s time to have your wisdom teeth taken out.

How long should I take off work for wisdom teeth?

You can expect to rest on the day of your surgery and the following day. Most patients resume normal activities a few days following surgery. The entire healing period will take about 2 weeks for the sockets to heal and the sutures to dissolve.

What is dry socket?

Dry socket occurs when the blood clot that has formed in an empty tooth socket becomes dislodged, revealing the sensitive bone underneath. It can be very painful and requires immediate attention. Suction, like when using a straw or smoking, can dislodge the blood clot. You should avoid these activities for 1 week following your oral surgery. If you suspect a dry socket, contact our office immediately.

What helps wisdom teeth holes heal faster?

Follow your post-operative instructions closely to ensure the smoothest recovery possible. Rinse your mouth with a salt water solution and gently brush your teeth around the extraction site. Some patients are given an irrigating syringe to use around the surgical area. Avoid hard or sticky foods and manage pain with ice packs or over-the-counter pain medication. Proper rest, hydration, and oral hygiene will ensure you heal as quickly as possible.

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