General Tooth Extractions

Comfortable Removal of Infected or Damaged Teeth

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are trained to remove teeth quickly and easily to minimize recovery time. Dr. Clark, Dr. Young, Dr. Lewallen, and Dr. Bailey regularly perform tooth extractions at both of our offices in Franklin and Thompson’s Station, TN. Whether your dentist has advised you to get a tooth removed or you need to get your wisdom teeth extracted in Middle Tennessee, Southern Oral & Facial Surgery is the right place. Most tooth extractions are performed in one visit.

Common Causes for Tooth Extraction

While adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime, some circumstances require them to be removed. As dental professionals, we make every effort to preserve your natural teeth. Extraction, however, is sometimes the only option left to maintain your oral health and protect your other teeth.

Dental Crowding

Sometimes, teeth that appear to be healthy still need to be removed due to too many teeth present in the mouth. The average human jaw can fit in only a certain number of teeth. if a young patient still has their baby teeth (deciduous teeth), or is born with too many teeth, or the mouth is too small for all the teeth to fit in the jaw, tooth extraction is often necessary.

Infection and/or Decay

If a tooth is decaying or has been infected, the tooth has to be treated in the early stages so the oral specialist can repair the tooth with a filling. If the tooth is left untreated, decay grows and affects the tooth, which may now require root canal therapy, a crown, or extraction.

Oral Disease

Patients who are diagnosed with periodontal or gum disease may experience a shift in their teeth or notice their teeth become loose or seriously infected. Gum disease causes the gums to deteriorate, often resulting in loose teeth. When left untreated, periodontitis can lead to tooth loss. While severe, periodontal disease is highly preventable by maintaining good oral health and practicing oral hygiene daily.

Facial Trauma

Teeth can easily be fractured or broken due to an accident or during a serious trauma. There has to be a viable tooth structure remaining for a filling or crown to work, but it may be recommended that the tooth be removed. Dental professionals stress the importance of fitted mouth guards to wear during sports or situations in which your teeth are exposed to possible impact.

Failed Root Canal Treatment

A root canal aims to remove the infected portion of a tooth. If the entire infection is not removed, it can create further infection that jeopardizes the entire tooth’s health. When left untreated, this infection can spread to other teeth and gums.

Vertical Cracks/Fractures of Teeth

When teeth become damaged, sometimes they can be restored with nonsurgical treatments. Fillings, root canals, or crowns are all viable solutions for tooth repair. When the damage is too extensive, your dentist may decide to refer you to an oral surgeon to have the tooth removed.

Need a Tooth Extracted in Franklin or Thompson’s Station, TN?

During your consultation, we will discuss your options for replacing the missing tooth or teeth with you. Sometimes, it is even possible to place a dental implant during the tooth extraction procedure, but this determination depends on your needs and oral health. We urge you to make an appointment at Southern Oral & Facial Surgery to learn about your options.

Types of Anesthesia

There are several anesthesia options available so patients can feel comfortable and at ease during treatment.

Hear From General Tooth Extractions Patients

These patients can tell you about the firsthand experience undergoing general tooth extractions at our office.

Reviews From Our General Tooth Extractions Patients

Alice Reviews Her General Tooth Extractions Procedure

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"Well, I’m not a young person anymore, and teeth do not last forever, so I needed to have some extractions in the back of my mouth, as well as to have an extraction of a root that had been broken off in a prior extraction. The first time I met Dr. Lewallen was here. I did not have any prior knowledge, experience, references, or anything for him. It was all much less dramatic than I had expected. I thought it was going to be a big deal, but with this doctor, he did this with no problems whatsoever. Well, I feel very great because it was absolutely painless, no problem. I was worried to death, of course, for nothing. I would highly recommend Dr. Lewallen. They will not be sorry they went to see him."

Leslie Reviews Her General Tooth Extractions Procedure

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"I came to see Dr. Clark because my daughter, Hayden, needed to have a tooth extracted. She had what I refer to as shark teeth; she had two of her permanent teeth growing in behind her two front teeth, and the two front teeth were not falling out. I was not nervous at all about bringing Hayden in to see Dr. Clark; he’s a fantastic oral surgeon. Her procedure went very smoothly; they put her at ease very quickly and made sure that she felt comfortable and understood what the procedure was going to entail, and how quickly they were able to pull the teeth out actually made her very comfortable. Her teeth were removed; she felt no pain, and she was smiling when she got out of the chair. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Clark and his staff; it’s a very friendly group, and they make you feel welcome."

Lisa Reviews Her General Tooth Extractions Procedure

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"I came to see Dr. Young to have teeth extracted and implants put in. I had teeth that were not able to be saved. I love coming in here; everybody’s so nice to me, and the procedures go by really, really quick, and I had no pain. I had a little bit of just throbbing after the initial implant, but after that, I had nothing; I didn’t have to take any pain medicine at all. Dr. Young is just so much fun; he’s always really nice, comes in with a smile, lets you know exactly what needs to be done and gets you right in. If anybody in the Brentwood, Spring Hill, Franklin area ever needed to have implants or extractions, I would definitely recommend Dr. Young and his staff."

Nolan Reviews His General Tooth Extractions Procedure

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"I came to Dr. Clark to get my tooth extracted, and I came to Dr. Young to get my hand stitched. My tooth was wiggling, and I needed him to take it out. It’s not very scary because he’s done it before to me, and it doesn’t hurt. Dr. Clark used these tools to take it out. Whenever he’s using the tools, it sometimes tickles. I needed stitches on my hand because I went on a zip line, and I hurt it. I was little nervous about the stitches. After he numbed me, it didn’t hurt. I would recommend my friends would come see Dr. Young and Dr. Clark because they are nice, and they are helpful."

Brian Reviews His General Tooth Extractions Procedure

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"I had to come see Dr. Lewallen because I broke a tooth on a french fry, and I had to get it extracted, and I went ahead and elected to get a dental implant. I think the tooth had been dead for a while, so luckily, I was not in any pain. Oh, it went great with Dr. Lewallen. He explained everything that was going to be happening, told me the detail of everything he was going to be doing. Pretty amazing to see how the implant went in and what it actually is, and he showed me everything as he was doing it, and he literally had the tooth pulled and the implant put in within 30 minutes, it seemed like, or less, and I didn’t feel a thing. It was really smooth and easy. I would definitely recommend that all my friends and family come to see Dr. Lewallen at Southern Oral & Facial Surgery."

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